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All about Freetise

At Freetise, we believe that buying and selling items should be easy as well as fun. Our online services enable you to post advertisements for the items you want to sell or buy. Our company has been helping people sell their items and make profit in the process.

About Freetise General

General Division Of Freetise

We all have those unwanted items lying around in the house, taking up space that can be used for better things. Do you wish you could somehow get rid of them and get something in return? Well, we have the answer for that! Freetise is a great free place for selling your unwanted items, whether it is a TV, Sofa, your Children’s Toys, or Clothes. All items are arranged in convenient categories, and this makes...

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About Freetise Property

Freetise Discussions

Getting your property out there can sometimes be a frustrating experience, so Freetise can offer you a quick and convenient way to sell or rent your property. Our fees are incredibly competitive, and all listings stay visible for a minimum of six months. - we offer far better value for money than your existing estate agent. Feel free to use the free property calculator to see that you could save a fortune! We will also market your home on a number...

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About Freetise Auto

Auto Division Of Freetise

Freetise is passionate about car and van sales, and the entire auto section has been designed to show off your vehicle in the best possible light. There are dedicated categories for all different types of vehicles, along with a section just for parts and accessories...

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About Freetise Business

Business Division Of Freetise

If you need a website for your business, you may have already discovered that doing it yourself can be a frustrating experience. You may be too busy to spend hours struggling with endless code and technical glitches, and hiring web designers can sometimes come with a hefty price tag. At Freetise, the process...

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