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Property Advice Articles

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Is Buying right for me? Can I buy? What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying your own home? How much can I borrow?

Will I be able to cover the monthly mortgage payments? How much will the property cost? What government help is available? What should I do if the lender refuses to give me a big enough mortgage? How much will the total cost of buying my home be? Will I be able to afford to pay my mortgage and other household bills?

Before you start saving make sure you know how much you can afford and therefore how much you need to...

What is an EPC? Should I let an EPC decide whether or not I buy a property? How thorough is the energy assessment? Do all properties have one? Can I keep the EPC the seller gives me and use it if I decide to sell up?

How to make a successful mortgage application? What type of mortgage should I get? Should I go for daily calculation or annual calculation? What are the advantages of First Time Buyer mortgages?

Understand how lenders calculate credit scores. Make sure your credit report is accurate and tips on make yourself more attractive to lenders.

Stamp duty, Conveyancing, Surveys and valuations, Mortgage arrangement fees, Mortgage indemnity fees, Mortgage broker fees, Removals, Furniture and white goods, Redecorating, Utility Bills, Council tax, Buildings and Contents insurance, Ground rent & service charge, Residents’ parking, Maintenance and building work, Television, broadband, cable and telephone.

Before you look for a property, you need to decide on the area you want to live. It could be the most important decision you make...

Once you have your eye on a property, learn as much as you can about it.

How do I know I’m not paying too much? Making an offer - and haggling the over the price. How do I put in an offer? When is a low bid more likely to be successful? Holding deposits and next steps after the offer has been accepted.